Energy Privatizations & Concessions

Our team of energy lawyers have a great wealth of experience across the energy industry, we are ideally placed to advise across the entire energy value chain, including:

  • Power and utilities in Albania
  • Natural resources in Albania
  • Oil and gas in Albania
  • Renewables in Albania

Many of our lawyers and the respective team have worked in-house at energy companies and understand the challenges faced by our clients on a day to day basis, with extensive knowledge of corporate, finance, projects, dispute resolution, compliance and employment

Our experience is wide ranging and has included assisting clients throughout the energy sector.

Our natural resources team focus on mining and mineral projects assisting to regional companies based on Turkey.

Moreover our lawyers advise on avoiding or initiating, as the case may be, legal court procedures.

Legal problems regarding all types of privatization transactions and procedures;

General regulation of granting concessions regardless of the concession subject;

Public authorities practice regarding privatization and concession procedures conducting;

Peculiarities in granting concession of specific groups of subjects: ores and minerals, ports and hydro power plants in particular;


LPA 2013  (Large Projects)

Adviser to Turkish investors which includes ongoing construction of Hydropower Plants, and Mining concession.

LPA 2014 -2015 (Large Projects)

Adviser to international Chinese company in the Oil sector operating in Albania.

Adviser to Turkish Company operating in mining sector in the north part of Albania.

Adviser to United Emirates Arab company in the Mining sector operating north region in Albania.

Energy attorneys Albania LPA

Energy attorneys Albania LPA