Litigation & Debt Collection in Albania

Our team of  partners and 15 associates  in Albania and Kosovo has the expertise to resolve disputes quickly and effectively with minimal disruption to our clients’ business.
Our lawyers advise on avoiding or initiating, as the case may be, legal court procedures. Our litigation practice comprises legal disputes in this areas:

  • Liability issues in Albania;
  • Interpretation of contracts in Albania;
  • Breach of contract in Albania;
  • Tort;
  • Litigation assessment in Albania;
  • Corporate litigation in Albania;
  • Commercial litigation in Albania;
  • Insurance litigation in Albania;
  • Seizure of assets in Albania;
  • Summary proceedings in Albania;

Our experienced trial and appellate lawyers litigate and win commercial disputes across all industries in Albania and Kosovo. Our arbitration lawyers have in-depth knowledge of the distinct customs, rules, and procedures of tribunals such as the District Court, Administrative court, Appeal Court, Supreme Court.


First in Debt Recovery. Undisputed Leader in DEBT COLLECTION SERVICES in Albania and Kosovo

  • Debt Collection in Albania,    
  • Albania Debt Recovery        
  • Debt Recovery in Albania
  • Albania Debt Collection
  • Out Court Collection Albania
  • Albania Court Collection
  • Post litigation collection in Albania
  • Credit Reports in Albania


We always maintain contact with your customers in a positive manner. We are in discussions with them even when payment agreements, pre and post litigation collection cases are concerned. Our relationship oriented philosophy is the reason why we achieve an above average success rate, even in collection cases we could not prevent.
Thanks to our know-how, we provide a personalized follow-up of your debt Collection files. Our services go from the amicable Debt Collection of unpaid invoices to major financial claims, as well as the handling of disputed claims (including court procedures).

Our Firm has a leadership position in Debt Collection Services in Albania as well as Kosovo. We have a wealth of International Organization and Multinational companies as our clients.

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Debt recovery Albania 2014 LPA International Debt Collection in Albania

Debt recovery Albania 2014 LPA International Debt Collection in Albania